Mickey Mouse White Shirt


Sheerness high middle low none
Stretch high middle low none
Lining full part fleece none
Style over fit basic fit slim fit



Color White
Size Free
Material Cotton, Polyester
Size Detail Free

Bust: 59cm

Sleeve Length: 74cm
Length: 74cm

                Mickey Mouse White Shirt


A neat shirt that everyone should have
On top of that, a cute Mickey Mouse was printed to eliminate the flatness.
It is a basic item that can be worn alone and has different materials in front and back. so you can wear as an inner shirt all year round.
It goes well with vests, jackets, coats and cardigans,
and it upgrades your fashion nicely.
It is very comfortable to wear all day long with a loose and comfortable fit.


women's clothing,

unique, stylish fashion, white, shiirts


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unique, stylish fashion



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