Zip-up line fleece-lined T-shirt


Sheerness high middle low none
Stretch high middle low none
Lining full part fleece none
Style over fit basic fit slim fit



color Black
size M, L
material Polyester 93%, Span 7%
size detail M
Shoulder: 35cm
Bust: 44cm
Sleeve Length: 58cm
Length: 63cm
Shoulder: 36cm
Bust: 47cm
Sleeve Length: 59cm
Length: 64cm

Zip-up line fleece-lined T-shirt

Zip-up line fleece-lined T-shirt


What clothes make you desire to wear in winter? I believe it’s a zip-up that can be worn with an undergarment.
This is an out that expresses a neat and casual feeling at the same time. It also expresses two feelings with a black colour as a base and a stripe and red colour as a focal point.

Zip-up line fleece-lined T-shirt

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Washing Instructions
Unconditionally single wash on first wash
Recommend dry cleaning
Wash with cold water below 30 degrees, Don’t wash with hot water.
Do not use strong twisting(dehydration) to keep clothing in condition.
Do not iron at high temperatures.

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M, L